Policies And Guidelines

This section here is designed to provide a brief overview of the policies and guidelines associated with this site.  It is recommended that you read the Site, Company, And Mission pages on the site to get an idea of the philosophy and the mission of both the site and We R One Productions.  Having said that, let me just say that we are excited and thrilled that you are here with us.  We would just ask that you observe a few courteous guidelines.

This section is not written in hard-core legalese but is designed to be between friends and is only a reminder of things that we are all aware of and just want to keep in our consciousness.

We are providing you an insider’s view into the entire world of filmmaking from concept to “in the can.”  We will be taking you on a ride where you will read, listen, and watch the unfolding process of this film.  You will have a chance to engage in this process on varying levels through email, teleconferences, and surprises.   We just ask that you observe a few courtesies.

  1. Be respectful - Please, when emailing people or being involved on a conference, to remember to be respectful.  We are all human and all trying to make our way in the world the best that we can.  We all have issues in our lives just like you and struggle with much the same things that you do.  We promise to be as respectful (more so even!) of you as you are of us.  Please be kind and remember that niceness and politeness goes a long way.
  2. Patience – This site is live in that there will often be multiple items being loaded daily once we get going.  At times, especially in the beginning, you may be learning about the aspects of pre-production and there may be only a new posting every other day or so.  Be patient and allow the process to unfold.  Soon it will begin and become fast and furious.
  3. Fee – The monthly fee of $29.97 a month will be automatically charged to your account.  You are free to stop it at any time.  Once stopped, your password will no longer work.  You will have to re-register in order to get back into the site.
  4. Surprises – We are planning several surprises that will come at different times of the process.  You are free to participate as you feel.  The whole goal of this site is to provide you a unique look into the world of filmmaking.  We do so with love in our heart and we truly want to give you the most authentic look into filmmaking the world has ever offered.
  5. Contact – There is a section on the website where you will be able to contact us and we will do our best to get to your question or concern as soon as we possibly can.  The cast and crew will have their own contact and posting area where you can access them during the process.  Depending on the volume, it may be hard to get to all the emails.  We may have to answer the questions or comments in a teleconference call.
  6. Archived material – Remember that all content, whether it be text, audio, or video will be accessed from the homepage.  You will be able to choose the category and jump right in and catch up on anything you missed.
  7. Removal – We do reserve the right to terminate anyone’s membership due to inappropriate conduct.
  8. Enjoyment – It is our deepest hope that you enjoy the site, the information, the people/characters, and our mission to entertain, educate, and help transform.  We hope you are willing to share this site and talk about it as we feel it is a unique opportunity and a chance to see something very few ever get to see.  Plus, know that what you are doing will be benefiting those people in the world who, we feel, really could use your support – the homeless and disabled veterans.