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Shadows Under the Radar
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The Story of the Script 

This story has an amazing history and continues to grow in its evolution.

I first met the individual I got the idea for the story from about 15 years ago as I was introduced by a lady who wanted me to write the story of this guy's life.  We went and met this gentleman who, at the time, was working the graveyard shift at a detox ward for chemically dependent people.  It was in a nasty section of town and I remember going in and feeling the heaviness that surrounded the place.

We sat and listened to this guy tell us stories of his life that were just wild.  I remember trying to take notes and thought to myself that I really should have bought a tape recorder as I wasn't able to write fast enough to keep up with his wild stories.  I finally gave up and just listened as this man painted the picture that was his life.  As I sat there, I realized that this man's story is many men's story.  So many people coming back from a military conflict or war have difficulty adjusting.  Whether it be from witnessing the horrors of combat and killing or just the trauma of putting your life on the line day after day.



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