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The Site, the Company, and Mission Summary


 This website will offer a new and unique opportunity into filmmaking.  Not only is it for people who are interested in the steps that are necessary to create a film, but for those who are fascinated with the process itself in making a film.  You will have an opportunity to hear, watch, and listen to the intimate details of what is involved in the production of the film.  We will post TEXT, AUDIO, AND VIDEO of the various elements involved to give you the inside (deep inside) view of this amazing process.

This is not designed as a boring tutorial.  Think of it more as a reality show that goes into the heart and soul and passion that it takes to make a film.  There is nothing too personal, intimate, or private that can’t be shared.  We want you to hear, see, and FEEL this process as it unfolds.  There will be postings from those that are most involved in this process.  People like:

  1. The Director
  2. The Producers
  3. The Writer
  4. The Actors
  5. The Director of Photography (DP)
  6. Various Crew personnel
  7. Editors
  8. Distributors
  9. Marketing and Public Relations
  10. Anybody who is involved in the process!

We will also schedule TELECONFERENCES on a regular basis so you will be able to get on the line and listen LIVE to the calls.  We’ll put on the actors, producers, director, financial people so you can hear what is being said, how it is being said, and learn and experience the making of a film that NO ONE outside of the Producers of a film EVER get to hear.

We will also throw in a few surprises that (I’m not suppose to tell you about but I’ll share one anyway) will shock you.  Things like offering an opportunity to come and visit during the process of pre-production (the planning and getting prepared to shoot the film), principle photography (the actual shooting of the film), and post-production (where the editors and sound people come together and weave the raw footage into the finished product.

And don’t worry if you miss one of the live teleconferences.  In fact, don’t worry if you miss anything as we will archive EVERYTHING and make it easily accessible for you to click and either read, listen, or watch whatever you may have missed.  Anything and everything that we post will be easily accessible so that new members to the site can go back and catch up on the ENTIRE PROCESS!

We strongly feel that this will be the most amazing opportunity to not only learn about the intricacies of filmmaking, but the fun, scary, painful, challenging, amazing, and mind-boggling side of making the miracle of film, but to have an entertaining rollercoaster of a ride as you get to know in depth and details those people who will be bringing it to life.

We hope you like the site and are willing to talk it up and share it with friends.  It will not only support us, the filmmakers, in helping us spread our unique vision of our film and this process, but it will also help those people in need of help who are struggling with disabilities due to serving their country, and, to those who struggle with not having a place to live.  What we’re asking for is support in a small way and allow us to educate, entertain, and inspire you as we fight as hard as we can to fulfill a dream.  Also know that your support will help those men and woman who have served our country and need your help and for those souls who struggle to find shelter 365 days a year.

Feel free to email us and let us know what your thoughts are about the process and we’ll do our very best to get an answer to you and to provide access to the greatest show in town!

The Company And Its Mission

The mission of this site and of the company, We R One Productions, is both similar.  We R One Productions, is a new film company whose mission is to make commercially viable feature films that inspire, entertain, and provide a depth of content that borders on what we would describe as Universal Spiritual Principles.  This does not mean we are making epic, bible-thumping films.  Not that there is anything at all wrong with those types of films.  Some of the great films throughout history have been religious-based films. 

Our goal then is to make our films that will contain but not be limited to elements of excitement, action, inspiration, drama, science-fiction, spirituality, and comedy.  We believe that the medium of film is very powerful and while it is wonderful to watch a movie and be entertained, we find that to watch a movie and be not only entertained but also stimulated is an even greater goal.  We would like nothing more than to have you watch one of our projects, be entertained, and then go home and to think, ponder, and share the ideas you saw in the movie with others.  If it inspires you to rethink your current view and evolve it into something that may serve you in your life in any way, then we’ve done our job.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to go to a movie and enjoy it.  I love to see a well-crafted story with compelling characters and exciting situations that take me for a ride.  For me, there is nothing better than watching a great and exciting film, and to leave thinking about the various messages that were on display during my two hours I sat enthralled.

We R One Productions is also committed to making a difference in the quality of our society.  It is our belief that we are all STEWARDS of our planet and if we want to make it better, we have to get involved and do whatever we can to help transform the areas of our world that need it.  It is this reason that we will always set a goal to raise money for various causes we feel are important.  MY BROTHER (The working title) of our first film focuses on the amazing story of a former homeless, Vietnam Veteran who lived a most amazing life.  This fast-paced story takes us into the world of what it is like to fall into a darkness that consumes us and to struggle to find our way out and into a healthier human being. 

It is our goal to enter into a relationship with Habitat for Humanity and Charities for Disabled Veterans and to raise $1 million dollars for each organization through our film.  We will do this through a portion of our proceeds from this site, another site in which we will be offering an incredible opportunity to pre-purchase your ticket and receive a minimum of $2,000 worth of wonderful, downloadable products hand-picked from our most valued partners.  We will also donate a share of the profits of our film once it hits the public market.  We feel it is vital to give back to society in some way and we choose to tie into the concept of the film and to give in that area to support those people in the world in need.

-Ray Faulkenberry, Ph.D.

President of We R One Productions



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